Actress Gina Romand, from the golden age of Mexican cinema, has died

(TELEMUNDO ATLANTA).- Famous actress Gina Romand, best remembered for her performances in the so-called Golden Age of Mexican cinema and various soap operas, died at the age of 84 on Saturday, December 3.

The artist’s death was confirmed by his son Gabriel Varela through a message he posted on Twitter, along with a photograph.

“With all my pain, I greet my mother, Gina Romand, who has always illuminated my life. She now she rests in peace illuminating the sky with her eternal radiance of her. I will always miss you and will always love you. Don’t worry, my ‘category blonde’,” said Varela, also an actor and theater director.

Actress Chantal Andere commented on Varela’s publication: “I hug you with all my heart. You have been an extraordinary son and I bear witness to that. I love you so much”, while the actor Édgar Vivar wrote: “A hug from the heart, dear Gabriel, in the end we always have hope”.

A few days ago, Varela had reported on his social networks that his mother had been hospitalized and remained in intensive care. Then, when she had a slight improvement, the actress was transferred to the intermediate therapy room. It was not specified what disease she suffered from.

Gina Romand became famous for her performance in films such as ‘I am very macho’, ‘La Bandida’ where she was with María Félix and Pedro Armendáriz, and ‘Entrega Inmediata’ where she shared ‘Cantinflas’ with the legendary Mario Moreno . The actress also stood out on the small screen in her roles in soap operas such as ‘Valeria and Massimiliano’, ‘Love is not as they paint it’ and ‘Love in custody’.

“Remembered for her participation in various films such as ‘Gavilán o Paloma’, for which she received the Ariel Award in 1986. We send our condolences to her family and friends,” the National Association of interpreters (ANDI).

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