Actress Eva Vidlářová from Provázek called Truda died

She was selected for Provázek in 1975 by Boleslav Polívka in an audition for the role of Truda Pezzová in the production Pezza versus Čorba. She has been nicknamed Truda ever since.

“The original actress, an unmistakable character, a distinctive theatrical secretary, a strong and courageous woman became the soul of the ensemble and remained with it until 1992, when her health betrayed her. She suffered from the fatigue syndrome on hunger strike for the release of political prisoners in the 1980s and the tireless struggle against communism, “states the statement of the Goose on a String Theater on her death.

Eva Vidlářová also appeared in a number of Czech films, although they were mostly small episodic roles. These were, for example, the films Heritage or Kurvahošigutntág, Tank Battalion, How Poets Enjoy Life, or as early as 1980 in Věra Chytilová’s Kalamita.


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