Actress Anastasia Shulzhenko turned out to be Tarzan’s mistress: compromising photos

28-year-old actress Anastasia Shulzhenko admitted to a relationship with singer Tarzan (Sergei Glushko) and posted their intimate video on the Internet. The footage from behind the door shows a nude couple kissing tenderly. The girl stated that she was afraid for her life and the safety of her loved ones, as she received threats. Earlier, Tarzan’s wife Natasha Koroleva accused her of stealing diamonds worth 5 million rubles and several thousand euros from an apartment.

Shulzhenko herself denies the theft. “I have no doubt that this couple has enough friends and acquaintances, connections that they can use and achieve their goals,” – she said in an interview. The actress began her career in the Krasnodar theater, after which she moved to Moscow. The girl met Tarzan in 2019 during his performance, later she admitted that the singer was a sex symbol of her youth for her.


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