Actors appearing in the drama’Good Casting’, rape case broke out

The actor who appeared in the drama’Good Casting’, which ended last year’s popularity, is being investigated by the police.

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11th Sports trendReported that the performer of’Good Casting’ is being investigated for sexual assault of a junior actress.

Reportedly, on December 23rd last year, actor A (40, male) in a region in Gyeonggi-do committed a sexual assault by inducing a junior actress B, whom he usually knew, to his villa. The police have finished investigating the victim, and the perpetrator A is ahead of the police investigation on the 16th.

Ms. B, enticed by the words “Let’s have a drink with friends,” found out that no one was invited after arriving at the villa. The two have been known for a long time, so they seem to have no doubts. An official from Mr. B said, “Mr. A suddenly hugged Mr. B from behind, etc., and so on. When Mr. B restrained him, he did a sexual joke and something he could not see with his eyes open. It was reported that he had a bruise and a wound on his chest.”

Perpetrator A is known as one of the performers of the drama’Good Casting’. In addition, it raised awareness by appearing in the movies’Beasts Who Want to Grab a Straw’ and’Captain Kim Chang-soo’. It is said that he was still shooting a movie recently.

The entertainment industry’s’Me Too controversy’ is not boring and shocks. There is also an actor who stopped all activities after apologizing after being designated as a sexual violence perpetrator during the’Me Too’ campaign to accuse sexual violence in February 2018. Recently, he and the woman who claimed the damage Litigation for claiming damages In progress.

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