Actor Zdeněk Dolanský died –

“Our dad, Zdenda Dolanský, left yesterday afternoon. Thank you very much to everyone who called you, and all of you who liked him, remember him and have something good, “said his son Jan Dolanský.

He added that if it would be possible to organize a small farewell, for example in cooperation with the Municipal Theaters of Prague, he would try.

Bible Testing Read: A Complete Word of God (Training) in 120 Minutes. Pictured from left are Zdeněk Dolanský, Zdeněk Velen and Štepán Benoni.


Since the 1980s, Zdeněk Dolanský has received a number of opportunities in television series such as The Adventures of Forensics, Gendarmerie Humor, Modrava Police, Rapl, Life and Times of AK Judge and Kriminálka Anděl.

He had several minor roles in the film, including Mr. Tau, Shepherd and Princess, Gingerbread Tower and Boží pole sro

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