Actor Thanh Duong recounts his regret when scolding his wife in front of the crowd

Actor Thanh Duong recounts his regret when scolding his wife in front of the crowd

Thanh Duong was once opposed by his wife’s parents because he was an actor

“Sincerity”, “Understanding”, “Loyalty”, “Responsibility” and “Romance” are the 5 keywords given in the first part of the program “5-star hotel”, somewhat revealing personality. by actor Thanh Duong and Ms. Kim Anh. Both think that family is the place where they live the most, even though Thanh Duong is an actor, but if acting, it will be revealed immediately. Living together for 31 years, actor and wife Thanh Duong both understand each other from their eyes, looking at each other’s eyes is knowing if something is sad or happy.

Kim Anh sincerely shared: “If you are jealous of this profession, your husband will not develop, so there must be trust and respect between the two.” At home, whoever does what is best will do it, not separate this work of mine, this of mine. Living with her romantic artist husband, Kim Anh seems quieter, but it is a reasonable compensation in the house.

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Husband and wife Thanh Duong and Kim Anh. (Photo: VTV)

Two humorous butlers Trung Rui and Mustard have prepared 2 sets of menus with the style of “gentle loving” and “deeply rich”. A series of dishes and props play the role of opening the love story of more than 30 years of actor and wife Thanh Duong and Kim Anh: Ly Quoc Su pillow cake, pho, Southern rice tray, gold medal, shirt mi, envelope and 15 day number, two phones…

Ly Quoc Su’s pillow cake brought two guests back to more than 30 years ago, causing actor Thanh Duong to exclaim: “It’s a memory of my youth”. At that time, actor Thanh Duong was flirting with Kim Anh. The artist’s life is hard, with little money, so every time he picks up his girlfriend to go home, he invites him to eat pillow cakes near where she works, and adds a cup of yogurt, so the couple can rest assured to go for a walk until the evening.

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The two met from dance, but the image that impressed actor Thanh Duong with the girl Kim Anh that day was a male motorcycle. That day, actor Quoc Tuan asked Thanh Duong to teach dance, when the group lacked female dancers, Quoc Tuan’s sister called her friend Kim Anh to come. At first, the two only knew each other normally, until once the group organized an outing in Dong Mo but lacked a motorbike, Kim Anh volunteered to go home to get it. When she drove out of the car, Thanh Duong was stunned: “Oh my! Daughter riding a clutch car looks at “bear” like that, falling in love”.

Loved each other, but the two people did not come together easily because Kim Anh’s parents initially did not accept the son-in-law as an actor. Actor Thanh Duong wittily concluded: “Whatever you hate, you get what you give!”.

The subtle jealousy of actress Thanh Duong’s wife

Thanh Duong peach blossom in his youth because he is a romantic and flying person. The gold medal reveals his golden age with a gold medal in professional dance, a gold medal in dance and a gold medal in mime. But next to his wife, he witty commented: Because he is short, light weight, not handsome, his wife is completely assured that her husband will not be paired with beautiful co-stars.

Kim Anh often goes to see her husband perform at the Youth Theater, she “watches so many lines that she knows all the lines” showing her love for her husband. Her way of being jealous is also very personal: “When I feel that there is something a bit unusual, I will put the matter straight”. Both have respect for each other, as evidenced by the shirt she gave him for more than 30 years, even the neck is still preserved by them. Celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary, they bought a new pair of phones together.

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5-star hotel: Actor Thanh Duong recounts his regret when scolding his wife in front of the crowd - Photo 2.

Actor and wife Thanh Duong shared many memories in the program “5-star hotel”. (Photo: VTV)

On the journey of more than 30 years of being together, there were times when the two met with ups and downs in their marriage. At one time, Thanh Duong had an accident and broke nearly a dozen ribs, so he was mentally unstable. After more than a year, the couple was invited by friends to go on a trip. The two hesitated, she also thought and finally decided to go. Due to the long journey, affecting his psychology, there were times when he was so tired that he couldn’t control himself, he said heavy sentences to his wife in front of many people. In order to control her emotions, she had to raise her face to keep her tears from flowing. When she returned to the hotel, she cried like rain. Because of that, actor Thanh Duong later cherished trips abroad, wishing to make up for his wife.

Coming together because of the predestined, being together for more than 30 years is still love and meaning. The unexpected gift that actor Thanh Duong gave his wife was a song with passionate love words and a flower he made himself, associated with the memory of the two lovers, simple but meaningful. Along with that are warm gifts from the program 5 star hotel prepared, with the desire to save the joy and sweet memories of the guests.

Programme 5 star hotel broadcast at 12:00 on Sunday, July 16, 2023 on channel VTV3.

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