Actor Steven Seagal visited Donbas, he wants to change the way the war is viewed with a film

During his visit to Donbas, Seagal visited, among other things, the Olenivka prison, where more than fifty Ukrainian prisoners of war recently lost their lives. Seagal’s visit was reported by the Russian and subsequently the Ukrainian media.

Kyiv and Moscow argue over whether the death of 53 prisoners of war in Olenivka was caused by Ukrainian shelling of the prison with US-made rockets, as the Russian version claims, or whether the prisoners were killed by Russian mercenaries from the so-called Wagner (Russian: Wagner) group, by exploding a bomb placed inside the building, as Ukrainian authorities claim.

On the spot, Seagal was shown, among other things, “shards of American missiles, confirming Kiev’s responsibility for the mass murder of its own soldiers”, said the well-known pro-Kremlin presenter Vladimir Solovyov about the actor’s visit to Olenivka.

According to the head of the Donetsk separatists, Denis Pushilin, Seagal is filming a documentary film about Donbass. “During the meeting, Seagal noted that 98 percent of people who tell about the conflict in the media have never been here, and therefore the world does not know the truth,” Pushilin told TASS, adding that Seagal wants to change the world’s view of this war.

The newspaper Ukrainska pravda noted that Pushilin is a “Kremlin puppet”.

On the explosions at the Russian base in Crimea:

Today, together with the American actor, the new leader of the Russian nationalists, the chairman of the foreign committee of the Russian parliament, Leonid Slutsky, visited the prison in Olenivka, in the company of a “team of objective international experts” from Nicaragua and North Korea, the Belarusian opposition newspaper Nasha Niva noted ironically.

Seagal is a friend of Russian President Putin, whom he has called “one of the world’s greatest living leaders,” and supports the annexation of Crimea to Russia. In November 2016, Putin granted him Russian citizenship, and last year Seagal joined the opposition but pro-Kremlin Just Russia party. In January 2016, Seagal already acquired Serbian citizenship, but retained his American citizenship.

Seagal, who attended Putin’s inauguration as president in 2018, visited Venezuela last year as a Russian representative and presented the country’s president, Nicolás Maduro, with a samurai sword. And in 2018, he became Russia’s special ambassador for humanitarian relations with the United States.

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