Actor Jiří Mádl: Openly ABOUT CHILDREN!


Actor Jiří Mádl is shooting a comedy based on the bestseller Deníček moderního fotra. As the name suggests, the story is about a father, and Mádl spoke openly about his relationship with children.

The story is simple. The successful children’s toy designer Nataša and her partner Dominik will become parents unplanned. Nataša can better secure her family financially, which is why Dominik will take maternity leave.

This will be played by the actor Jiří Mádl, who had to manage working with a child’s acting partner. He himself has no children. But as he has now revealed, he has a positive attitude towards them.

“I like children, I think I speak their language, so I’m glad I can finally use it. The children are nice and I’m looking forward to every scene with that little one,” he said according to Sedmička.

The diary of modern photography was originally created as a Facebook page. Due to his popularity, the author decided to publish several books.


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