Actor Jiří Hálek died –

Hálek belonged to the long-standing pillars of the Prague Drama Club, on the stage of which he spent 37 years. This small actor with a distinctive vocal expression played dozens of rather supporting roles in film and television, in which he was able to use his comedic and dramatic talent.

A native of Prague, Hálek, born Hugo Frischmann, graduated from DAMU and first appeared in front of the camera in the film Crossroads of Life (1948). In the 1950s, he worked at the Municipal Youth Theater in Ostrava (today’s Petr Bezruč Theater) and then served in the basic military service in the army ensemble Vítězná křídla. After returning from the war, he got a short engagement at the Municipal Regional Theater in Mladá Boleslav, from where he went to the Paravan Theater in Prague, from which the Drama Club was formed in 1965.

Jiří Hálek (right) with Petr Nárožný in the play Tóth Family in 1984

Photo: Pavel Štoll, ČTK

He performed on the boards of the Hálek Drama Club in 41 plays, his roles are well known, especially in the titles Strange Afternoon by dr. Zvonka Burkeho, Piknik, Bludiště or Hejtman z Kopníku, directed by the theater’s co-founder Ladislav Smoček. Hálek said goodbye to the stage of the Drama Club in 2002.

He appeared in front of the camera in supporting roles in the films The Most Beautiful Age (1968), Give Me a Pen to Me (1978), Vrchní, prchni! (1980) or Three Veterans (1983). In the crime short story Motif for Murder (1974), he played the atypical role of a deranged addict. He played more significant roles in the films Faun’s Very Late Afternoon (1983) and The Explosion Will Be at Five (1984). In the 80’s and 90’s he got the opportunity mainly in TV productions and series, most recently he starred in the series Black Ambulance (2008).


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