Actor Gary Friedkin, who starred in ‘Blade Runner’ and played an Ewok in ‘Return of the Jedi’ has died

Gary Friedkin was a pioneer. This actor, who died last Friday in Ohio at the age of 70 due to complications with Covid, has participated in some of the most legendary films in cinema. As well as Peter Dinklage’s game of Thrones the Warwick Davis of Willowboth also with achondroplasia, their time in the film industry also has great titles, such as Blade Runner or Star Wars.

One of Friedkin’s memorable moments is his fight with Harrison Ford as a member of a motorcycle gang Blade Runner (1982) as well as his portrayal of an Ewok in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (1983).

The actor also played an ewok

Gary Jay Friedkin, his full name, was born in the American city of Youngstown, Ohio on November 23, 1952. He played piano and percussion instruments in several bands while attending high school at Rayen School. He later graduated from the Dana School of Music at Youngstown State University in 1970 .

He moved to Los Angeles and made his screen debut in Hollywood Madhouse (1981), a comedy starring Chevy Chase, Carrie Fisher and Wizard of Oz actor Jerry Maren.

Blade Runner

Blade Runner


Friedkin played Dr. Milton Chamberlain in the soap opera spoof The Scalpel (1982) as part of a cast that included Michael McKean, Sean Young, Ted McGinley, Harry Dean Stanton and Dabney Coleman, and later appeared in Mother’s Day (2016 ), Marshall’s latest film.

Friedkin, who stood 48 inches tall, was an active member of Little people of America and has attended many conventions, connecting with people from all over the United States and introducing others to the organization.

“Even though Gary may have been short in stature, he was a giant among his family and friends,” his family said.

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