Actor from Neighbors, a popular TV show, passes away; the team mourns yet another loss.

A famous member and neighbor actors unfortunately passed away on March 22, mourning the entire set, who were just beginning to recover from the death of Octavio Ocaña.

The cast of the popular Mexican series regretted the death of Juan Manuel Herrera Chaparrowho although he was part of the production team, was a vital element for the program, so his departure felt great.

Juan Manuel also participated as an extra in the series, as he constantly had roles as secondary characters, enjoying his work behind and in front of the cameras with his colleagues.

Famous Neighbors actor dies

Famous Neighbors actor dies, the program is in mourning again!

Through social networks the news of the death of the beloved member of Neighborswhere different actors said their last goodbye to their partner and condolences to their friends and family.

So far, the cause of Juan’s death has not been revealed, but some theories claim that his death was due to some disease, although this has not been officially confirmed by any spokesperson for the program.

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The curse of Neighbors takes more force

Famous Neighbors actor dies, the program is in mourning again!
Famous Neighbors actor dies, the program is in mourning again!

There are several actors and participants in the series who have lost their lives, Octavio Ocaña being the most notorious of all, and after the death of Juan Manuel, many Internet users affirmed that the curse of the program is real.

Among the deceased participants in the program are Octavio Ocaña, Ignacio Lopez Tarso, Maria Rubio, Gus Rodriguez, Raul Padilla, Alejandra Meyer, Polo Ortin, Yolanda Martinez, Sammy Perez and recently Juan Manuel Herrera.

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