Actor Egils Melbārdis reveals how unusual a surprise the admirer caused him

STV First! In the show “When They Meet”, actor Egils Melbārdis revealed what is one of the craziest things his fan has done to show his sympathy for the actor.

Melbārdis, who also runs various events, reveals that she has come to the attention of women because of her work. He finds that one of the brightest cases that comes to mind is the described machine.

“My car was described with chemical lipstick. There were very beautiful hearts, there were inscriptions, everything was written, everything was described. I understood the idea, but it took a week and a half to get the lipstick off the car,” the actor reveals.

Egils Melbārdis is a Latvian actor who has been working at the Latvian National Theater since 2000. He starred in the television series UgunsGrēks, as well as spoke at the film recording company SDI Media Latvia.

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