Actor Carolo Ruíz, son of Terele Pávez, dies

Madrid, Apr 6 (EFE) .- The actor and son of actress Terele Pávez, Carolo Ruiz, has died today at the age of 49, five years after his mother died of a stroke at the age of 78.

This has been reported today by the organization of the Pávez Awards in a statement released through its social networks: “From the Pávez Awards we want to highlight the great willingness and commitment that he always had with our organization and with our city Talavera de la Reina. I miss his warmth, his generosity, kindness, affection and all the energy he gave off towards this humble festival. Have a good trip mate!”

As Ruiz himself wrote on his Facebook account, on March 31 all social network applications were “uninstalled” as well as he warned his followers that it was not his “time” for “that”. “Just to convey gratitude, calm and rest on my part,” he added.

After the death was made public, the actor and director Santiago Segura has published a photograph in which he appears with Terele Pávez and Carolo Ruíz.

“Those slaps that life gives you with an open hand, with force, as if to say, -don’t be so calm, boy, this is how it is-. And you’re left with the face of an asshole, because Carolo was one of the kindest and sweetest people with which one can be found … and he was 49 years old,” he said.

Likewise, Segura has assured in the text that Ruiz “adored” his mother, and she him: “that devotion of one to the other was enviable. Those people who do not cut with the umbilical cord because they do not want to, because they do not give He wins her over and because when she’s so pretty and loving… what relationship can top the mother-son connection?” she added.

Also the actor Javier Cámara has joined the condolences with another message on social networks in which he describes the deceased as “being of light”.

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