Actor Bradley Cooper experiences humiliating treatment from colleagues; what happend?

Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper, while visiting the podcast “Smartless”, revealed that once he met a very well-known and respected director, he commissioned him “three houses away”.

According to the Daily Mail, the actor attended a party about four years ago where he encountered the director’s derogatory attitude. At the time, he was nominated for seven Oscar nominations.

It was the number of nominations that was to blame for the sharp change of names between the actor and the director.

Unfortunately, the actor did not reveal with which director he had a heated discussion.

Cooper explains that during the party, when he was standing next to another actress, the director came to them. What he said shocked Cooper. “In what world do we live? You have seven nominations, but she only has three. What the hell?”

The actor was unable to control his anger and the director was rudely expelled. “Old man, why are you such an ass? Just go d ****.”

It turns out that the same evening the actor faced another unpleasant situation. It involved an actress he had always liked, but they had never spoken before. Cooper explains that the actress came to him, complimented him on his participation in the film and said, “You deserve a nomination.” The actor admitted that he initially thought the actress wanted him to get a nomination. But the truth was quite different.

He accidentally heard a conversation during which the same actress explained to another person that the phrase “nom.” means that loss is wished, not victory.

Bradley Charles Cooper is an American actor and producer. The actor’s career began in 1999 with a role in one series of the TV series “Sex and the City”. His first feature role was in Hot American Summer 2001. He became known for his roles in “Team A”, “Side Effects”, “Hangover”, “Hangover 2” and “Hangover 3”. In 2011, People magazine named him “the sexiest person in life.” Cooper also made his directorial and screenplay debut in 2018 with the film “The Star Was Born” (2018).

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