Actor Bala Returns to Full Health After Liver Transplant Surgery

News18 Malayalam | May 23, 2023, 09:56 AM IST

There is another reason for liver disease. Bala said bluntly

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Actor Bala, who always works for the happiness and good of others, has returned to full health after liver transplant surgery. Bala recovered faster than the doctors expected. Bala said that by one and a half months, he was able to go to the gym and do weight training

Since the disease was in the liver, at least some did not blame that it was caused by the child’s drinking. But Bala underlines that his condition is not because he lost his liver due to drinking. and the true cause of his condition. Bala revealed these matters in an exclusive interview with FilmiBeat (Read More)

Many people were there with prayers for Bala. Even the person who donated his liver came forward out of respect for Bala’s philanthropic work. From where everything was said to be over, Bala rushed into life

Actor Unni Mukundan had arrived while he was in the hospital. Mohanlal and Tovino Thomas called and inquired about the information. While waiting for the surgery, actors Suresh Krishna and Baburaj arrived

They came along. Bala also said that they asked if they wanted help in case of spending a large amount of money. It didn’t take. But Bala appreciated Manas for asking like that

Now Bala is preparing to go for the shooting of the film next month. Even the doctor was surprised that Bala had the same response as people who recover within six months. But the allegation that the liver died after drinking will not stand

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If asked if he is drunk, Bala will not say no. But that was not the end of liver disease. Let me name two people. If they tell, they will go to jail,’ Bala said to the anchor as a reply to this question

But if you go beyond that, the future life will be chaotic due to tension, case etc.

Some relationships he did not want. Bala also clarified that now the commitment is only to God

Actor Munna Simon was one of the first friends to run after the surgery. Bala, his wife Elizabeth, Munna and his friend had met in a hotel. During the interview, Bala said that actor Ramesh Pisharadi also sent him a message

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