Actor Andris Bērziņš is in conflict with his daughter, actress Marija Bērziņš. Wife has even suggested involving the court – Celebrities – – Entertainment

When she divorced Lenvija, an agreement was reached that the house would remain with the actor’s daughter, but she would take care of Andris’ mother, who wants to live in this house for the rest of her life.

“It’s as if it’s been eight years since we divorced, but as there is no peace, it’s not.

I love Mary very much, she would never be allowed to say a bad word about where to do anything else. Inesite has already suggested that maybe I should get my part of the house back in court, because what is happening there is not good.

The heart or sides break … “Bērziņš pointed out in an interview.

The actor explained that he had visited, but he and his wife Inese Gūtmanis had been driven away.

“Once, when Inesite called her mom, she admitted that she had been deprived of the house keys, given dry bread and water to eat. We were furious – how then? Well, who knows how she really was there, but Mary said that the mom it thought, “its actor.


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