Actor Alejandro Cuervo will have his own meat business in Havana

Actor Alejandro Cuervo will have his own meat business in Havana (Photo: Alejandro Cuervo Oficial – Facebook)

The well-known Cuban actor Alejandro Cuervo announced that he will open his own business in Havana, dedicated to the production and sale of products derived from pork.

“Thanks to God, my family, my friends, my partner Alain Serra Cruz and all those who in one way or another have supported me, I am just days away from opening my own business and thus fulfilling one of my dreams and goals in life. ”Wrote the Cuban television heartthrob on his Facebook profile.

Cuervo explained on the social network that his undertaking will be a delicatessen, that is, a butcher shop that will market products made from meat, such as “hams, sausages, etc.”

The actor’s announcement comes in the midst of one of the worst economic crises in Cuba, aggravated by the so-called Ordering Task and the Covid-19 pandemic. “God bless your business, but one question: Do you have a colonel friend to solve the pig?” They wrote in the comments.

The actor’s Delicatessen will be named Cuervo’s, in honor of his family name, and will be located at # 2914 on Calle 52, between 29 and 31, Playa municipality. The telephones available to customers will be 7209-37-70 and 5968-33-59.

“Save the numbers, you can also order at home. Thanks to my friend @ydalgotips for the logo design and our star supplier @fernandezcamaraza “, added Alejandro Cuervo.

🙏Thanks to God, my Family, my friends, my partner @ alain.serra.cruz and all those who in one way or another have …

published by Alejandro Cuervo Official on Wednesday, April 7, 2021

“God give you prosperity in your business and may it be as successful as you have been in acting. Congratulations and blessings from God that always come in handy ”, a registered user like Sirens Ponce commented.

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“Many successes and prosperity in your business, just put the love that characterizes your performances and it will turn out very well,” commented another identified as Alia Guerra.

“Successes, but never abandon your profession because you are a magnificent actor, with a lot of talent,” Iliana Ruiz told him.

Another somewhat more realistic and pessimistic at the same time let him know: “The first you do wrong, the government takes away your license and you lose all your investment,” added Alfredo Ruiz.

Apparently, the well-known face of Cuban television has a great affinity for cuisine, since he usually appears on his official Facebook account talking about culinary topics.

Alejandro Cuervo was born on January 20, 1986 in San Luis, Pinar del Río province. He studied at the National School of Art, (ENA) and later went on to the Higher Institute of Art, (ISA). He is recognized as a popular television and film actor. In addition, he is the host of various live shows such as the Tropicana Cabaret show, where he was for almost 10 uninterrupted years.

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