Actor Alan Ritchson Admits to Not Watching Most “Fast & Furious” Movies in Embarrassing Encounter with Vin Diesel

The actor Alan Ritchson has recognized that it was not a very intelligent decision to confess this to the protagonist of the saga.

Yes, although from the first moment the specialized critics have had it in their sights, the Fast & Furious saga continues to add new titles and less than a month ago it premiered what is the tenth film of a franchise that has been touring theaters around the world for more than twenty years and adding more actors to its cast.

And precisely one of his new additions, the actor Alan Ritchson, is not one of his big fans, pues as he confessed on the show rich ironAt the time he joined Fast & Furious X, he had only seen the first movie in the saga. A secret that he could have kept quiet but nevertheless he decided to confess to the protagonist of the franchise, Vin Diesel.

I hadn’t seen any of the other movies and I let Vin know.. I said, ‘Hey, I haven’t actually seen any movies. I saw the first one in high school, and now that I’ve got the part, I’ve had to see them all and I love what you’ve been doing for the last two decades,” and he says, “Thank you. I really appreciate it,” Ritchson recalled, admitting that he had not done well.

This guy has spent over 20 years of his life in this franchise, it’s his baby! I have spent a couple of years working on Reacher and for me it is a fundamental element in my life. If someone came up to me and said, “Thanks for having me on Reacher, I didn’t see anything,” it would be like, “You’re stupid… why would you say something like that?” And this guy has been around for decades. I’m an idiot”.

Preparing for the final race

Although it might seem that the Fast & Furious saga is eternal, the truth is that Preparations have already begun for his finalWell, the next of the films to hit the theater, number 11, will also be the last film in the franchise.

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It is because of that all the actors who have participated in the saga are already beginning to take positionsincluding Dwayne Johnson, who has ended up making peace with Vin Diesel and will finally return in the latest Fast & Furious movie.

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