Activists Want a Shelter for Children with HIV / AIDS If Bobby Nasution Wins

TRIBUN-MEDAN.COM – Lima HIV / AIDS alleviation activists gathering with the Candidates for the Mayor of Medan, Muhammad Bobby Afif Nasution.

They discussed programs to treat diseases caused by immune-destroying viruses.

The five activists are Samara Yudha and Syafrinal (Positive Indonesia Network), Sri Amanah (Medan Plus), Ida Purnama, Nur and Mimin (Kpema / Community Care Cadre).

They hope that the candidate number two for mayor can design a shelter program for people living with HIV / AIDS, especially those aged children (children with HIV / AIDS, abbreviated as ADHA).

“With regard to handling HIV, there must be a program that can be implemented, especially the provision of shelters. Because we are confused about accommodating children with HIV. They are usually left behind, because their parents have died, and they need adequate nutrition, only milk is special, “said Yudha to Bobby Nasution in an audience at the Media Center for the Bobby-Aulia Winning Team, Jalan Cik Di Trio, Medan Kota, Saturday (17 / 10/2020) evening.

In recent years, continued Yudha, around 80 ADHA people could be handled with assistance from donors.

“We hope that a shelter will be built in Medan. Like in Solo, which already has a shelter, but it is not owned by the government, it is privately owned, “he said.

On this occasion, the Head of Kpema, Ida Purnama, said that since joining the community seven years ago, they have never received any attention from the government. In fact, cadres in 21 sub-districts in Medan are always at the forefront of handling TB, malnutrition and HIV / AIDS cases.

“For the sake of implementing the program, we are now running an MSME business, by making and selling dishwashing liquid. But marketing is constrained because there is no production permit, that’s why we need help from Bang Bobby, “said Ida.

Bobby Nasution admitted to getting a lot of input from health activists, especially those focused on HIV, ADHA, and how MSMEs support HIV prevention programs.

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