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AAX, a Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange, is said to be about to shut down. According to screenshots from the rights protection group, Helen Wu, the human resource at parent company Atom Asset, told the chief operating officer that the company was about to be dissolved. Employee salaries will only be paid until November and employees will receive only half of their salary. The resources on the platform have not yet mentioned the rights and interests of users. However, AAX customer service only received a “plan for the worse” response for confirmation, which sparked the collective outrage of its rights protection group.
(Recap:Good news! AAX: expects “sufficient funding” to resume normal operations in coming weeks
(basic supplement:No money for maintenance? AAX : It is seeking funding to resume operations and, if it fails, will initiate legal liquidation proceedings

fragrantHong Kong’s cryptocurrency exchange reported that it has stopped withdrawals since the 15th, saying that due to the market turmoil, there is enormous pressure on capital operations and income. It is sincere that if new funds are not successfully collected, AAX could end up in bankruptcy. Today, AAX’s rights protection group leaked an internal dialogue among employees, saying Helen Wu, the human resource of AAX’s parent company Atom Asset, explained to David Wan, chief operating officer of AAX, whoThe company has decided to dissolveemployee salaries are only paid through November, indicating that the assets held by employees in AAX can only be returned in half and will be managed separately. In this conversation, there is no mention of how user resources will be handled.

After the picture was released, it immediately aroused the outrage of a large number of users in the rights protection group, and one user asked AAX customer service for help to inquire about the authenticity, and the customer service replied:

It will be forwarded to the relevant departments for verification, please focus on the announcement; i am very sorry i can only say i am planning for the worst and clinging to my last hope. If there is a chance, I will definitely tell you about it.

The official website of AAX is still in the process of updating the system

It is ironic that the current last ad mentioned by customer service is still the one released on the 19th of the deadlineUpdated AAX operationsaccording to the dynamic area recentlyreport, the announcement stated that it is negotiating matters with 50 investors and that AAX has the opportunity to obtain sufficient funds and resume operations in the future. However, the current access to the official website of AAX still shows that the system is being maintained and updated.

Rights defenders are powerless, victims in Taiwan and Hong Kong threaten to call the police

As soon as the news broke, Telegram’s rights protection group immediately drew criticism from victimized users, some users said David, the chief operating officer, told the group last week that he was busy meeting investors. The discussion also said that the police only received an answer that there was no way, because the company was registered in Malta and was a foreign company, and some people even reported that someone committed suicide due to AAX in the past . However, at the moment it’s just a rumor phase, and the official announcement states that all account funds are safe and the platform has stopped withdrawals to “fundamentally fix the problem and survive the crisis”:

“Instead of the high-risk speculative method of using capital leverage.”

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