Action on Trakia Motorway! The driver pulled out a pistol against the circulation and became frightened

District Prosecutor’s Office – Pazardzhik monitors fast proceedings for hooliganism on the road.

On June 9, 2021, in the afternoon, on the highway “Trakia”, region. Pazardzhik, in the area of ​​84 km, during the movement there was an argument between a 54-year-old driver of a car, a Ford brand and a 26-year-old driver of a MAN truck, the state prosecution announced.

There is evidence that the driver of the car committed obscene acts, grossly violating public order, related to driving a car and pointing a gun through the car window. This was accompanied by insults to the driver of the truck, according to the information.

The incident was reported to the police. Officers of the OD of the Ministry of Interior – Pazardzhik stopped the two cars for inspection. A Glock pistol legally owned by the driver was found in the Ford car. The weapon was handed over with a protocol for voluntary surrender to an employee of the KOS service at the Pazardzhik Regional Police. The driver was detained for a period of 24 hours under the Ministry of Interior Act.

Procedural and investigative actions are being carried out under the supervision of the Pazardzhik District Prosecutor’s Office.




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