Technology Action game: Ubisoft confirms Far Cry 6

Action game: Ubisoft confirms Far Cry 6


In the past few weeks, the Microsoft Store has leaked information about new games several times in advance – including about die Mafia Trilogy. Now, for a change, Sony has revealed the first details about Far Cry 6 in its Playstation Store. Manufacturer Ubisoft has the leak with one Short video on Twitter more or less clearly confirmed.


  1. Pforzheimer Zeitung, Pforzheim
  2. University of Passau, Passau

According to the information in the store – one There is a screenshot on DSO Gaming – plays Far Cry 6 on a fictional tropical island landscape called Yara. There, a dictator named Anton Castillo has the power that he will soon hand over to his son Diego.

Castillo is portrayed by the US actor Giancarlo Esposito, who is known, among others, from Breaking Bad and Star Wars: The Mandalorian.

Players fight the ruling family in the role of a character named Dani Rojas. It is still unclear whether it is a female or male protagonist or whether you can choose to start with.

Far Cry 6 is said to offer the largest world within the series to date. In addition to beaches and jungle areas, there should also be action in a capital called Esperanza.

According to the text in the Playstation Store, Far Cry 6 will be released on February 18, 2021. It should offer a co-op mode for two participants and can also be played offline. There are said to be microtransactions – as in previous Far Cry.

The store is about the edition for the Playstation 4, which can be converted into the version for the Playstation 5 without additional payment if available. So there is talk of its own PS5 version – and not that Far Cry 6 is simply compatible with the new console.

On Xbox One and Xbox Series X it should run similarly, also a version for Windows PC is to be expected. Ubisoft will probably be showing more information about the game and possibly the first gameplay at an online event on July 12, 2020, which can be seen in Germany from 9 p.m.

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