Action butchery with super zombies can still come to the cinema after the 2nd attempt

The year is still young, but hardly a film will smack such a high body count and so much fake blood on the screen in 2023 as Project Wolf Hunting. That much is certain.

The action film pits a horde of ruthless criminals against a super soldier zombie (or is it a zombie super soldier?). Anyway, the results are ultra brutal staged action battles. But what does the FSK say about this?

FSK initially refused to release the action spectacle

So far, the South Korean sci-fi action film has been shown at relevant genre festivals such as the Fantasy Film Fest. But Capelight also wants to bring it to cinemas across Germany for hungry genre audiences. It didn’t work on the first try.

In January, the FSK refused release. Capelight then appealed, and apparently it was successful (via cut reports ). Yesterday the FSK release certificate published, with the conclusion: No youth release. Project Wolf Hunting is now allowed to come to German cinemas.

When is Project Wolf Hunting in cinemas?

in one Facebook-Post Capelight has spread the good news: Project Wolf Hunting is coming March 2, 2023 unabridged in German cinemas.

Check out the trailer for Project Wolf Hunting here:

Project Wolf Hunting – Trailer (English Subs) HD


In the sci-fi action movie, criminals face off against a super zombie

Project Wolf Hunting ist a kind of con air with super soldiers. The focus is (initially) the transport of 47 criminals in a cargo ship. Soon the most ruthless criminals succeed in taking out their guards. However, neither cops nor gangsters suspect what is hidden in the belly of the ship. A kind of zombie super soldier named Alpha (Gwi-hwa Choi) is being carried there, who in turn overpowers his watchers. Alpha, a mix of Frankenstein and the T-1000in turn, leaves a trail of blood throughout the ship while the few surviving “good guys” try to stop the murderous passengers.

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The basic idea of ​​the film, which I saw at the Sitges festival last year, sounds fairly simple. However, the script of Project Wolf Hunting is enriched with a conspiracy that goes back decades and seems somewhat bloated in the last third. If you can’t get enough of blood fountains, broken bones and slashed flesh, will be delighted with Project Wolf Hunting. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call this film both the bloodiest and the most brutal of the cinematic year.

The routinely staged sci-fi action film with minimal characterization looks like an attempt to come to terms with der highest possible body count to be entered in the Guinness Book of Records. Either you embark on the journey to this slaughterhouse of the seas or you jump off due to the tiring butchery of uninteresting characters. In any case, I personally didn’t leave the cinema bored.

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