Actief Voor Amstelveen asks questions about the protection of risk groups and vulnerable residents of Amstelveen against the Corona virus.

Because of the risk of infection with the Corona virus, people are called upon to comply with measures such as 1.5 meters distance, washing hands, etc. Unfortunately, there are risk groups and vulnerable residents such as disabled people, disabled people and people with intellectual disabilities. who do want to comply with the measures properly, but are not always able to do so.

Jacqueline Höcker, vice-group chairman of AVA: ‘In practice, it appears that little attention is paid to these groups of vulnerable people and that little account is taken of them on the street and in shopping centers. Disinfection devices are often set too high for people in wheelchairs, able-bodied people keep too little distance and there are many examples’. Jacqueline thinks this is not possible and that it should receive more attention. That is why she asked the Mayor and Aldermen questions.

During the Corona crisis, elderly people in nursing homes deservedly received attention. But almost nothing was heard about the groups of vulnerable people such as disabled, disabled and mentally handicapped people. It seems that these groups often depend only a little in terms of attention.

Within the municipality of Amstelveen, no additional information is provided via warning signs, information in the media and how to take these groups into account to prevent them from becoming infected.

1. Can the Commission inform us about what has already been done to draw attention to groups of vulnerable people, such as people with an intellectual disability, disabled and disabled people, in connection with the prevention of infection by the Coronavirus?

2. Now that the number of infections is rising considerably, is the Commission prepared to draw attention in the media to take these vulnerable groups into account in the street, in shopping centers, in parks, etc.?

3. Can the Commission inform us about possible complaints known to the municipality about compliance with measures in the vicinity of risk groups and, if so, what do those complaints consist of?

4. AVA, Municipal Executive and the municipality of Amstelveen stand for an inclusive society. Does the Institute agree that the vulnerable groups of people referred to in point 1 must also receive extra attention from society in order to prevent contamination with the Corona virus?

5. Does the Commission have any other suggestions for providing these groups with extra attention, and what suggestions are they?

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