Actia Group: Embedded Electronics Specialists Launch Segmentation Project into Four Divisions

Actia Group: Embedded Electronics Specialists Launch Segmentation Project into Four Divisions

the essentials Specializing in embedded electronics for different sectors of industry, the group is growing rapidly. To provide greater clarity to its clients, it has just launched a segmentation project into four divisions.

Toulouse-based Actia, which specializes in embedded electronics for the automobile, rail, energy and aerospace industries, is expected to achieve record sales this year, around €575 million. The group has just presented a consolidated turnover (CA) for the first half of €288.7 million, an increase of 16.2% compared to the same period a year earlier. “After three rock’n’roll years, we have returned to growth despite a fairly chaotic context due to difficulties in supplying electronic components,” explains Jean-Louis Pech, CEO of Actia Group.

Jean-Louis Pech, the boss of Actia Group, displays his optimism. Actia Group – Lydie Lecarpentier

The company actually imports some 30,000 references from Asia to manufacture its products and systems. Today, around fifty are still missing. Nothing comparable, however, with the 700 references which were missing in 2021-2022 but this supply difficulty nevertheless weighs on the results. Production delays linked to this shortage of components represent a shortfall of around ten million euros in the first half of 2023.

To improve its profitability, Actia recently entered into exclusive negotiations with Steel Electronique with a view to a merger. This company based in Martres Tolosane (Haute-Garonne) specializes in the development and manufacturing of space electronic equipment. By taking it, with its 60 employees, under its wing, Actia could thus develop its activity in the space sector which, along with aeronautics, represents only 11% of its turnover. The outcome of this merger will be known in spring 2024.

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One group, four divisions

To provide greater clarity to its customers, Actia has also decided to segment its activities into 4 divisions: Mobility, Aerospace, Energy and Engineering Services. The company has a very wide range of customers such as Volvo, BMW, Enedis, Alstom, Siemens, Airbus, Thales, DNCS, Orange and CNES among others. This new segmentation therefore appeared to be a necessity. Its implementation should be spread over three years.

The Toulouse group Actia is one of the specialists in embedded electronics. Actia Group

The mid-sized family business (ETI) today employs more than 3,950 people around the world, just under a third in France. It intends to pass the milestone of 4,500 employees in 2025. In the meantime, 60 positions, mainly for engineers, are to be filled now in France, including 40 on its three Toulouse sites of Pouvourville, Fondeyre and Colomiers.

A training center in Colomiers

And to remedy the lack of industrial training offered in France, Actia has decided to launch its own training center. Located at the heart of its high-tech factory in Colomiers, it will be fully operational at the start of 2024. The center aims to train around twenty people per year in five key professions*. Called Actia Academy, its aims are to facilitate the integration of new entrants and to perpetuate teams.

Actia is targeting €800 million in turnover in 2025. To achieve this, it continues to invest significantly in innovation, “a pillar of growth” for Jean-Louis Pech. The Toulouse group devotes between 12 and 15% of its turnover to R&D.

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*Assembler assembly operator, automated line driver operator, electronic wiring operator, production preparation operator, binocular controller.
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