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Acne skin care, facial exfoliation and sebum removal are important

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If you don’t take care of your facial sebum and dead skin cells in time, you are likely to be exposed to acne and various skin problems. Therefore, in order to get rid of such acne, it is necessary to pay attention to removing facial sebum during the skin care stage.

The actual cause of acne is often attributed to’Comedo’ called acne seeds. Cotton cloth is also affected by sebum and dead skin cells, so you shouldn’t neglect to remove dead skin cells and sebum, even to prevent acne from getting worse.

Sometimes a sebum remover is used to remove facial sebum, but if the device is used incorrectly at home, it can severely irritate the skin.

‘SKIN9HARI”s Revive Therapy AC Cleanser is a functional cosmetic for acne skin relief that does not contain harmful chemicals to the skin, and it helps to remove sebum and manage dead skin cells through natural ingredients.

Instead of artificial freshness through chemical ingredients, it provides a moist feeling, and the soft and rich foam provides strong cleansing power, enabling healthy acne skin care. In addition, by applying a triple effect system equipped with hypoallergenic skin, moisture supply, and oil and moisture balance, it helps to improve self-cleaning ability for rough and irritated skin to recover by itself.

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