Ackerman comes out of the magazine and points out “political interests”; Process does journalism, they respond

The academic John Ackerman denounced on social networks that he will no longer collaborate with the Process magazine, but this It was not due to a financial crisis, but rather accused “ideological and political interests.”

Through Twitter, Ackerman indicated that the magazine decided to dispense with his contributions, as well as those of the writer Fabrizio Mejía and the cartoonist Rocha.

He explained that he offered the magazine to continue with his fortnightly collaborations free of charge and in solidarity, however, he stressed that this Sunday, his name was deleted from the list of collaborators.

In the same network, he recalled that during the administrations of Felipe Calderon and Enrique Peña Nieto it was excluded and removed from media spaces.

“The good news is that I have already gotten used to the changes and I will not give up for a moment in supporting the struggle of the Mexican people for truth, democracy and social transformation, regardless of the trench where I have to fight the next battles” , wrote.

In response, the magazine’s director, Jorge Carrasco, pointed out that Process does journalism and that the political project is by John Ackerman, he also stressed that “your statements about him”hitman journalism“They cannot be shared by this publishing house.”

He also denied that the magazine has any political interest and stressed Ackerman’s annoyances in relation to publications that the publisher has made in which the name of the academic and that of his wife, the secretary of Public Function, stands out. Irma Eréndira Sandoval.

“You know well what the opponents of your project say since, in one of his battles for access to information, he asked for the 2006 election ballots,” Carrasco concluded his answer.



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