Accused of being a widow, the beauty queen champion clashes with the former winner on stage


COLOMBO – A contest winner beauty queen suffered a head injury after getting into a fight with the former winner of the same contest. This embarrassing incident occurred during the event beauty contest ‘Madam Sri Lanka ‘broadcast by the country’s national television station.

Sometime after Pushpika De Silva (31) was announced as the beauty queen of ‘Mrs Sri Lanka’ 2020/2021, the 2019 winner dramatically withdrew the crown from De Silva’s head claiming she could not be awarded the honor because she was divorced.

In the clip, Caroline Jurie is seen saying the beauty contest contestant must be married, before citing the contest rules.

“There are rules that prohibit married and divorced women, so I took steps to get the crown up to second place,” he explained as quoted from, Wednesday (7/4/2021).

The 28-year-old former title holder was later seen marching to De Silva to snatch the golden crown from De Silva’s hair, but Harung struggled to remove it because it got caught in the hair.

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After finally releasing it, Jurie walked over to the runner-up and placed it on his head, causing De Silva to step off the stage in tears.


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