According to the BMKG, a 20-meter tsunami only takes 20 minutes to reach the land


Bandung Institute of Technology Scientist (ITB) states there is potential for a tsunami as high as 20 meter in the south of Java Island. Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Council (BMKG) said it only took 20 minutes for the giant waves to reach the shore.

“From the results modelling us, in the south of Java, only about 20 minutes the tsunami hit the mainland, “said Head of the Center for Earthquake and Tsunami BMKG Rahmat Triyono to detikcom, Friday (25/9/2020).

In southern Java, there is the Sunda Megathrust line, which is a subduction zone between the India-Australia Plate and the Eurasian Plate. Sunda Megathrust stretches from the west coast of Sumatra to the Nusa Tenggara Islands. The distance between the islands of Java and Sumatra to the route megatrhust about 200-250 km. From that route, a large earthquake can occur that can trigger a tsunami.

When a large earthquake with a magnitude (M) of 9.1 occurs in the zone megathrust, 20 minutes later the tsunami waves will arrive at the beach. People on the mainland won’t have much time to save themselves. People in coastal areas are advised not to wait for a tsunami warning from the BMKG. Anyway, just run to a safe place.

“If you live near the coastline, if you feel a strong shaking, then don’t wait warning, because soon a tsunami is likely to occur. Once there is a shock, run. If you wait warning, it means that time has lost, “said Rahmat.


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