According to Frontex, allegedly engages in illegal practice of refugee moon in refugees in the Aegean Sea | Svt

Berln The European Union Agency for the Protection of the External Borders Frontex has been involved in some cases involving refugees in the Aegean Sea. Evidence of this was gathered by several media, including the German magazine Der Spiegel and television ARD.


For the first time, it turned out that the representative of Frontex is aware of the illegal practice of the Czech border guards and the wall is said to be under pressure, Der Spiegel wrote. To criticize, Frontex issued a statement expressing the support of the Czech Republic in the spirit of EU solidarity and its determination to arm illegal people who are seeking international protection. The current practice of endangering refugee ships.

The Bellingcat investigative website or the Lighthouse Reports news organization were also involved in the study.

There is a documentary case in the sea between Turkey and Greece, when the darkness of Frontex was pushed back to Turkey to push back. The agency’s ship maneuvered the danger of a vessel full of refugees, creating waves that carried them back.


According to The Guardian, it shows how the agency’s failure to help save people from the ship is getting into the sweat. The letter, in order to reveal the true extent of similar incidents, is complicated by the fact that both Frontex and the air darkness turn off the device, which allows them to determine their exact position.

Frontex sent 600 coastal ships to the Aegean Sea, which, in addition to ships, also have aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and thermal imaging. Humanitarian organizations have documented a number of cases this year in which ships were pushed out of the vicinity of European runs, Frontex claims to have witnessed only one.

In some cases, according to the protection of human firsts, these are streams disguised as moons with women and children and the creation of dangerous waves. It is likely that Frontex groups equipped with modern facilities would not experience these incidents, The Guardian. He recalled the recent visit of a Member of the European Parliament to the Czech island of Lesbos, when a Czech Member asked a Frontex representative if you should take a holiday in the Aegean Sea. Many refugees from the moon sent from Turkey to Lesbos.

In August, the people of the Lesbos witnessed an incident in which an Greek and a Turkish foreigner stood up against each other over the crushing of a moon with refugees.


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