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Losing a kilo or two, it will be at the top of many a list of good intentions, but how do you best tackle that? The fasting diet was popular last year. For example, you eat eight hours a day and sixteen hours a day. According to experts, it is not the optimal choice if you want to lose weight in a healthy and structural way. What do you have to do? It sounds boring, but it is that Mediterranean diet that works best.

At least that states online magazine U.S. News and World Report, which draws up a list of the healthiest diets every year. The diets receive a score of 1 to 5 in seven categories, namely nutritional value, convenience, potential to lose weight in the long and short term, safety, possible side effects and the extent to which they help prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes .

The Mediterranean diet scores best in all areas. It is not really a diet, but the normal diet around the Mediterranean. It consists of many vegetables, fruits, fish, seafood, nuts and whole-grain products. Healthy fats are also eaten from avocado, salmon and olive oil. The flexitarian diet comes in second place. This too is more a healthy diet than a real diet. Flexitarians mainly eat vegetable products with occasional high-quality organic meat or other animal products.

Many strict diets that prohibit a certain nutrient score poorly. Consider the keto diet, the fasting diet, the raw food diet or the Whole30 diet. For example, the popular keto diet, which scraps as many carbohydrates as possible and, in particular, eats fat, only scores well on weight loss, but poorly on all other categories, such as health, convenience or nutritional value.

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No matter how boring it is, diets that are easy to maintain and that consist of varied foods are best for your health and your weight.

Sources): Business Insider

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