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It could be seen as a kind of game before the semi-final rounds and the final, which will take place from May 9 to 13 in Liverpool, England. In the past, however, bookmakers were basically not wrong in their predictions, which is why it is necessary to realistically accept the role of co-favorite.

At the top of the ranking, based on the opinion of several world bookmakers, is the representative of Sweden, who is assigned a thirty-two percent chance of winning. It is interesting that the bookmakers judge only according to which songs in the Scandinavian country are trying to participate, because the name of the Swedish representative will not be known until March 11.

The second place belongs to the Finnish singer and rapper Käärijä, he is given a fifteen percent chance of first place. Third is the Ukrainian electronic duo Tvorchi, also with fifteen percent, fourth is an unknown representative of Great Britain who received six percent, fifth is the Norwegian pop singer Alessandra with five percent, and sixth Vesna has three percent.

“When it comes to preparations for the competition, it doesn’t mean anything major for us. But it changes the way we present Vesna. We want to focus more on bigger media and bigger Eurovision blogs, get more space in them. And it is evident that the media is more interested in Vesna. It makes us extremely happy internally. It is the highest position that the Czech Eurovision representative has ever had with bookmakers at the Eurovision Song Contest,” Kryštof Šámal, head of the Czech delegation at Eurovision, told Práva.

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Vesna group.

Let us remind you that the greatest success in the competition so far for the Czech Republic in 2018 was achieved by Mikolas Josef with the song Lie To Me, who finished sixth. Before the start of the semi-final round, he was in fourteenth position with a one percent chance of victory at the bookmakers. The group We Are Domi was 15th in the bookies last year with the song Lights Off. Finally, the twenty-second finished.

Last year, the bookmakers correctly believed that the Ukrainian Kalush Orchestra would win, in 2021 they again bet, and correctly, on the Italian Maneskin. There was no competition in 2020, the year before they bet, again correctly, on the Dutchman Duncan Laurence. The Israeli singer Netta, who won Eurovision in 2018, was second according to the bookmakers (they bet on the representative of Cyprus), the Portuguese singer Salvator Sobral, who won in 2017, was also second according to them (the representative of Bulgaria, who finished second in the competition, should have won ).

“The village managed to write a good song and hit on what Eurovision wants. The Austrian César Samson, who as a foreign supervisor helps us select songs for the national round, told us that it is never enough to have a good radio song to be successful at Eurovision. Eurovision still needs a story, whether it’s the artist’s personal story, activism, or something else. I think Vesna’s song fulfills both. It is of good quality and has the mentioned overlap.’

Patricie Fuxová from the Vesna Právu group said: “Our intention was to point out the theme of sisterhood and the lack of freedom experienced. Sisterhood is key to us. We believe that women crave love and security the most and that we share a bond of empathy, solidarity, love and support that we want to share with the world. The sisterhood we have in the band bridges all our differences.”

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