Accomplices of Shooting Charged with Robbery After Multiple Attacks

Accomplices of Shooting Charged with Robbery After Multiple Attacks

After that, the three also robbed a man at the bus stop next to the mall, the accomplices of the shooting with a third charge

First they hit me on the head with a club, and then I realized they wanted to rob me. Svetlio Mladenov, one of the victims of the gang who was shot after a race with the police, told this exclusively to “24 Chasa”.

After hitting her with a baton, the bandits lifted her bag. During this time, they choked her with the cable of her headphones. They escaped, but only an hour before Svetlio Mladenov was shot dead during a race with the police in Sofia, he and his two friends also robbed a man at a bus stop near Paradise Mall. This is clear from an announcement by the Sofia District Prosecutor’s Office. His two friends have been charged in a third attack in two days, which was revealed after they were arrested on Monday.

The police officers from the 4th regional office chased the three bandits after a report that they had robbed the 18-year-old girl around 2 a.m. They met them on Cherni Vrah Blvd. It turns out that two hours later the three also robbed a man.

They spotted the man at a bus stop near the mall. They surrounded him. One tapped the metal club lightly on his stomach and pointed it at his legs. The other told him: “This is a robbery, take everything out of your pockets!” and swung a second club. Then one of them reached into the left pocket of the man’s pants, took out his wallet and took BGN 55 from it. Then they ran away and hid, not knowing that the police would chase them when they tried to escape on the first bus to their neighborhood .

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After the arrest of the two juvenile accomplices in the shootings, they also confessed to other crimes. A series of attacks in the area are in the same handwriting. The victims described the attackers as young boys in sweatshirts and masks who beat them with metal batons, threatened them with a gun and took their money. The gang attacks a boy, also carrying metal batons.

The two minors were also charged with the robbery of an 18-year-old boy, which took place on the night of Sunday in the same area. They met their victim at 4:10 a.m. They punched the child in the face and beat him with a baton. Then they stole his money – BGN 35.

The gang is still under investigation for other similar robberies in the area.

All three have criminal records and are reported to the Children’s Pedagogical Room for thefts, robberies and others. They recently traveled by bus to Lozenets quarter, where they waited for their victims at night. After the attacks, they caught the first flight from the zoo to go home. On the night of Monday, however, the policemen tracked them down. Svetlio Mladenov was shot while running after refusing to obey the order and while fleeing. One of his accomplices was detained on the bus, and the third – a little later at his home.

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