Accompany Sahur, Smartfren Presents Extra Unlimited Night Full Speed

Entering the month of Ramadan 1442 H, Smartfren back to bring Extra Unlimited Night Full Speed ​​to support various activities, especially at dawn. All customers Smartfren Unlimited packages and Nonstop Quota can enjoy this benefit every day from 01.00 – 05.00 WIB.

This Extra Unlimited Full Speed ​​Night is free, as well as adding to the benefits that have been obtained previously, which can be used to surf 24 hours in all applications, anywhere, and anytime on the 100% 4G LTE network.

Besides, Smartfren also presented a series of activities entitled #RamadanExtraFaedah which utilized technology to disseminate beneficial content and inspire goodness.

It is hoped that these benefits and initiatives can support the younger generation and young Indonesian creators in realizing a Ramadan that is more beneficial, positive, and opens up opportunities for the surrounding community.

“The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is not an obstacle to living Ramadan meaningfully. There are many positive and beneficial things that we can do together by utilizing technology, ”said Djoko Tata Ibrahim, Deputy CEO Smartfren.

Smartfren together with Arief Muhammad and Anya Geraldine invite young people to spread goodness by creating useful content on social media, as well as supporting co-creation with visual artist Hana Madness and local fashion producer Koolastuffa who issued special Ramadan merchandise in the form of Koko Shirts and Scarf.

The results will be channeled through the Seed Baik Indonesia Foundation and will be used to support MSMEs owned by persons with disabilities, provide supporting equipment for persons with disabilities, and support the construction of reading houses.

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Besides, customers Smartfren get the opportunity to get abundant prizes through the Fortune WOW Treasure Hunt program. Smartfren providing total prizes of up to billions of rupiah starting from credit bonuses, smartphones, laptops, motorbikes, hundreds of millions of savings, to the main prize in the form of a car.

Still not enough? In this month of Ramadan, Smartfren also invites customers to create useful content, both in the form of videos and photos, and upload it to social media by mentioning @smartfrenworld, tagging two friends, and attaching hashtags #RamadanExtraFaedah and #UnlimitedBisaS All.

There will be attractive prizes provided, including Limited Edition bikes, Sony Playstation 5, iPhone 12, mirrorless cameras, and laptops.

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