Accident of death of mother and child after childbirth: doctors arrested Actions taken in case of death of mother and child due to medical negligence in Palakkad Three doctors were arrested and released on bail. | Latest news

Three doctors were arrested for the deaths of a mother and baby while on maternity care at Thangam hospital in Yakara, Palakkad. Doctors Priyadarshini, Nila and Ajith were arrested by the southern police and released on bail. The action of the Palakkad DySP came after the medical report revealed the death of the mother and child due to medical negligence. The medical commission found that doctors at Thangam Hospital were guilty of negligence in the deaths of Aishwarya, a native of Chittoor Thattamangalam, and her infant. Trying to get the baby out with the vacuum cleaner caused a serious mistake. The baby died because the umbilical cord was caught in her neck. Aishwarya’s death was due to bleeding after using a vacuum cleaner.

The medical report also states that hospital authorities have not informed relatives of the treatment. After the DMO handed the report to the police, the doctors were questioned in detail under the guidance of DySP. Southern police recorded the arrest of Priyadarshini, Nila and Ajith, gynecologists from Thangam hospital who treated Aishwarya. All three were released on bail. Aishwarya’s relatives said the allegation that the doctors made a serious mistake turned out to be true. The baby died after giving birth on July 2. Aishwarya also died on the second day. A case was filed against Thangam Hospital under the Clinical Establishment Act following widespread protests. The Human Rights Commission has also announced an investigation of its own. It was at this point that the doctor’s mistake became clear and the police moved to arrest him.

Interventions undertaken in the event of the death of mother and child due to medical negligence in Palakkad. Three doctors were arrested and released on bail.

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