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Das Berlin Projekt - RTLZWEI - S1, Folge 2
<!–Das Berlin Projekt - RTLZWEI - S1, Folge 2


The Berlin Project – RTLZWEI – S1, Episode 2

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Broadcast Thursday 14.1. – 8.15 p.m. on RTLZWEI and TVNOW Ronja is overjoyed that she can take part in the project. She dreams of having her own apartment and wants to get off the street. But suddenly she’s gone. Sascha W. also went into hiding after an incident with the police. Sascha W. (29) ran away from home at the age of 16. Now he lives homeless at the Bahnhof Zoo. He would like to see his little daughter again, with whom he currently has no contact. He hopes to get help from street worker Guido Fahrenholz, but after an incident with the police he disappears. After a violent argument at the campsite, Ronja (18) finds accommodation in a guesthouse. Tim Niedernolte takes Ronja into “Das Berlin Projekt”. But shortly afterwards Ronja disappears. Tim starts looking for her. Jessica (29) and her boyfriend Sascha F. (35) met as homeless people and fell in love with each other. Both are addicted to heroin and want to get clean with the help of the Berlin project. Background information: In every metropolis in the world, the homeless are part of the cityscape. But what could help them to get back on their feet? In the long-term documentary “Das Berlin Projekt”, seven homeless people in Berlin get the great opportunity to give their lives a new twist, with a budget of 10,000 euros that they can freely dispose of. Will you take your fate into your own hands and manage to start a new future? Various experts and social workers are available to help the homeless around the clock. Moderator Tim Niedernolte also accompanies you on your way and learns a lot about the background of homelessness. How tough is the fight against social prejudice? And at the end of the two-year project, who managed to break the vicious circle of money and housing shortages and build a life with their own income and a roof over their heads? Link to the website:

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