Academics present book on educational inequality amid pandemic

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Guadalajara Jalisco.

During the pandemic there have been teachers who have become angry because their students connected to the class without turning on the camera, what they didn’t know was that their students were doing it to save data.

In the presentation of the collective work “The University and its future, the challenges of the pandemic”the academics Leonardo Lomeli Vanegas and Hugo Casanova Cardiel, They explained the limitations to study online.

“Many Mexicans remain on the margins of digital equipment and the community, because it is one thing to have a device, a smartphone, and another to have to learn through it”, commented Hugo Casanova, UNAM academic.

This was stated by the academic Leonardo Lomelí Vanegas those who had access to the Internet did not necessarily have the most adequate equipment to be able to access online education, In other words, connecting from a smartphone is not the same as connecting from a desktop or laptop computer, even a tablet. It’s not just about taking lessons remotely.

Casanova Cardiel explained that the end of sorting is used in medical services to determine who is treated and who is not, the hypothesis of the article is that in education there was also a sorting, because education is an unequally distributed good, it is aimed at those who have more.

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