Academician: HIV mortality in Russia reached a maximum in five years

RAS Academician Vadim Pokrovsky statedthat the HIV situation in Russia continues to deteriorate.

The head of the Federal Scientific and Methodological Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor noted that the number of people infected and mortality from HIV have been growing in the past few years.

According to him, the largest number of new infections and deaths was revealed in the five years when the state strategy to combat HIV was in effect in Russia.

So, in 2018, 37 thousand people infected with HIV died, and 20 thousand people died from AIDS. The academician expressed confidence that the statistics for 2019 will also be disappointing.

The coronavirus epidemic, according to Pokrovsky, also had a negative impact. First of all, the fact that it is now possible to write off the lack of resources and funds for treating patients.

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