Academic journal that called for “Where are the Korean comfort women contracts”

The academic journal, which is reviewing whether Harvard University Professor Ramsey’s thesis for comfort women, has been withdrawn, has entered the process of listening to the parties’ opinions. We asked for an explanation, such as whether there is a real Korean comfort women contract, and it is expected that the thesis withdrawal will be decided according to Professor Ramsey’s response.

Correspondent Kim Jong-won of New York covered it alone.

This is an e-mail message from Professor Ramsayer’s leading editor of the journal on comfort women to his fellow professors.

I sent a questionnaire to Professor Ramsey regarding the current controversy and noted that he was waiting for an answer.

It was found that the questionnaire contained a question about whether the comfort women actually had a Korean comfort women contract as the basis for claiming that they were voluntary prostitutes, and a history distortion case in which even a 10-year-old girl claimed to be a contract prostitute.

Professor Ramsey must respond within two weeks. In particular, since he has already revealed that there is no contract for Korean comfort women, his response is expected to have a decisive influence on whether or not to withdraw the thesis.

[수 미알롱/미국 에모리대 경제학과 교수 : 논문이 충분히 객관적이지 못하고 학술적인 가치를 깎

아내리는 어떤 이유가 있다고 생각되면 논문을 철회할 이유가 돼요.]

However, there are also voices of concern that the editors who initially approved the publication of the thesis are in charge of the investigation for the withdrawal of the thesis, and whether a proper conclusion can be reached.

The Harvard Undergraduate Student Association also joined the ranks of Professor Ramsey’s criticism.

The Harvard Student Association unanimously accepted the Korean American Student Association’s petition through a vote, criticizing Professor Ramsey and issued a statement demanding an official apology.

Students stipulated that Professor Ramsey’s thesis was reflective and undermined the integrity of law and history, and asked the university president and law school dean to state their official position.



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