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[Sports News]The “2022-2023 NIKE Hong Kong Academic Elite Basketball Competition” ended on the past Sunday (5th). The men’s team was crowned king by St. Joseph’s College with a 66:63 victory over Ying Wa College, but it exploded after the game Out of trouble. The Yinghua basketball team pointed out on social media that the ball used for the game was a smaller size No. 6 wave, and pointed out that it had reported to the ball certificate in the second half, but the latter refused to change it. The Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation, which hosted the event, said in the afternoon that it was still processing the matter and would have a formal response later.

Yinghua Instagram screenshot

The Yinghua basketball team posted on social media late on Monday night, mentioning that on the day of the finals, the team used a No. 7 ball in the side court and home warm-up, but used a smaller No. 6 ball during the game. The post pointed out that a Yinghua player felt the difference between the game ball and the warm-up ball at the beginning of the second quarter, and immediately reported it to the assistant coach. Then the player went off the field to check the game ball again, and found that it was wave No. 6. In the third and fourth quarters, it was reported to the ball certificate, “but the ball certificate said at the time: “Today, I used a nicotine wave, and there is no exchange for it”.” The post continued that the assistant coach Yinghua once again reported the problem to the ball card, but the ball card still signaled the game to continue.

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Yinghua attached a video to the post on social media, showing Yinghua player Wu Weijun talking with the ball certificate while holding the ball. The post pointed out that Yinghua players reported to the ball card at the time, “but the ball card said at the time: ‘Today I use a nibble wave, there is no way to change it'”. Looking at the live video, it was the last 1 minute and 15 seconds of the last quarter. St. Joseph led 62:61 and got two free throw opportunities.
The three players who enforced the law that day included Xu Zhoutian, Li Leran and the referee Yang Yingwei (pictured left), and the field supervisor was Ye Fuhua. (Picture: Tilu Database)

A video was attached to the post, showing that after Saint Joseph got a free throw opportunity, Yinghua player Wu Weijun held the basketball and handed it to the pass near the sideline, and pointed to the basketball to communicate with the pass. Handed over to Yang Yingwei, who is in charge of free throws, Wu Weijun stood up and prepared to grab a rebound. According to the live video, there was 1 minute and 15 seconds left in the fourth quarter of the game, and St. Joseph led 62:61.

Yinghua players also mentioned in the post that after the game, they checked with the La Salle College players who played in the third place game and confirmed that the game ball used in the third place game was the No. 7 ball. The player said at the end of the post, “I am really disappointed with the disregard and practice of the ball certificate. I hope to get a clear explanation from the academy through this post!”

“Body Road” inquired about the organizer’s academic association in the morning, and the other party replied that the matter is still being processed, and there will be a formal response later.

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