AC Milan Players Express Disappointment Over Maldini and Massara Departure

The separation with Maldini and Massara has shaken the entire Milan environment. As told exclusively, the choice was made by Cardinale after today’s meeting with those who are now to all intents and purposes former Rossoneri managers. The official nature of the exemption will be announced shortly, but in the meantime the first reactions from the team have already arrived. According to what filters, the team is disappointed by the farewell of Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara.

THE REACTION – From Theo Hernandez to Maignan, from Tonali to Leao: AC Milan’s most representative players didn’t take the club’s decision very well. They were linked to the two executives, grateful to those who first decided to bet on them. They know that they owe a lot to the Maldini-Massara couple, and as soon as they learned that there will be no more they didn’t take it well.

RECOGNITION – A surprise scenario that took the whole team by surprise. Leao has just renewed until 2028 also thanks to Maldini’s work, just a few days ago the two were close, smiling as they signed the new contract. Theo Hernandez owes everything to Maldini, who with a blitz in Ibiza convinced him to move to the Rossoneri despite being almost done with Bayer Leverkusen. And Tonali? Sandro, a Rossoneri fan since he was a child, grew up with the legend of Maldini. The captain tattooed in the heart, the poster above the bed in the bedroom and a thousand dreams on your mind. Today that dream is reality, thanks (also) to Paolo Maldini. The same one who, after Donnarumma’s farewell, went to France and bought what is now one of the strongest goalkeepers in the world for 15 million. Ideas, intuitions and shots that will remain etched in everyone’s mind. Maldini and Massara leave Milan, the team already misses them. As confirmed by Leao himself…

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