Abu Greisha: “The Ismaili is shrewd in shrewdness.” And Desperer left because of him

Muhammad Salah Abu Greisha, a former Ismaili player, criticized the conditions that the Darwish Castle has experienced in the past years, stressing that the club president does not know many things because of the lining of badness and the people close to him.

Abu Grisha said in statements to On Time Sports: “I do not see the Ismaili club in the league, and there are some people working against the interest of the club.”

He explained that there are people close to the president of the club who run the club, pointing out that changing the technical staff and bringing in sub-standard players caused the team to retreat.

He pointed out that the Ismaili Council had no role in managing the club, in addition to that, interference was caused by the president of the club in the formation, and the coach, Desper, left because of the president’s interventions.

He concluded his remarks: “The team is currently shrewd, and the choices of the players are not good, and what saddens me is that there are some players currently refusing to come to the Ismaili club.”


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