Abu Dhabi University’s College of Engineering Concludes Successful Fourth Annual Engineering Research Forum 2023 on Sustainable 3D Concrete Printing.

ABU DHABI, 29th May / WAM / The College of Engineering at Abu Dhabi University concluded the activities of the fourth annual session of the Engineering Research Forum 2023, which was held in cooperation with the College of Sustainable Engineering and Environment at Arizona State University, under the slogan “Concrete in Hot Weather: Building for the Future, Innovating Designs”. Sustainable and the role of 3D printing.
The forum reviewed the most prominent contributions in the field of producing sustainable three-dimensional concrete that suits the country’s environmental conditions.
The event, which was held over two days, provided the participating students, scientists and engineers with the opportunity to engage in constructive discussions and dialogues that dealt with areas of research, development and exchange of knowledge on the topic of concrete in hot weather, building processes and smart sustainable designs, with a focus on the latest developments in the field of 3D printing technology. As a way to meet the challenges of the sector.
The forum witnessed important presentations and technical and industrial sessions focused on sustainability, building materials in hot weather, and construction using 3D printing. The best ways to enhance building productivity, improve safety and sustainability, and address challenges related to the use of 3D concrete printing technology in engineering structural applications were discussed. .
Abu Dhabi University, by organizing such research forums, is looking forward to enhancing the qualifications of its students by offering them world-class educational opportunities outside the curricula, to enrich their research knowledge, refine their skills, and provide them with innovative learning methods. During the forum sessions, Abu Dhabi University students presented their projects on sustainability, and took over Some of them moderate the university’s forum platform.
Dr. Hamdi Al-Shaibani, Dean of the College of Engineering at Abu Dhabi University, said: “The fourth annual session of the ‘Engineering Research Forum 2023’ was organized in cooperation with Arizona State University, one of the most prestigious universities in the United States of America, explaining that working closely with a strategic partner such as this institution The prestigious Academy supports our mission to provide our students with a world-class education that enhances their critical thinking and research enthusiasm, and prepares them for excellence and success in an increasingly competitive job market.”
For his part, Dr. Samer Al Martini, Chairman of the Forum and Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at Abu Dhabi University, said: “The holding of the fourth session of the Abu Dhabi University and Arizona State University Research Forum 2023 reflects Abu Dhabi University’s firm commitment to investing in various forms of scientific research opportunities that enhance innovation and advance creative thinking. between faculty, students and the community.”
Professor Narayanan Nithalath of Arizona State University expressed his pleasure at ASU’s participation in organizing this event.
He said: “We are proud of the close cooperation with Abu Dhabi University to organize the Fourth Engineering Research Forum 2023, which reflects the strength of our partnership and our concerted efforts to develop sustainable designs, promote 3D concrete printing, and find innovative solutions in the field of construction. Together, we look forward to making a lasting impact on the urban environment and contributing to Building a sustainable future.

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2023-05-29 14:14:51
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