“Abu Dahkat Janan” – The Legendary Ismail Yassin

Mohamed Kenawy (Cairo)

The artist Ismail Yassin was able to draw a smile on the faces of the audience, old and young, presenting dozens of cinematic roles during his career, as he is an icon and the most famous comedy star in the history of Egyptian and Arab cinema.
Yassin is considered the only one who presented a series of films in his name after the late Laila Murad, including “Ismail Yassin in the Fleet”, “Ismail Yassin in Aviation”, “Ismail Yassin in the Police” and others, until his name was engraved on cinema screens, and he contributed to the formulation of The history of the comedy theater, to become one of the most important makers of joy in our Arab world.
Ismail was born in the Suez Governorate, and moved to Cairo in the early thirties in search of fulfilling his dream of singing and singing, but his features obscured his success as a singer, after he was in love with the songs of Muhammad Abdel Wahhab, and he dreamed of being a rival singer to him, but he possessed the qualities that made him The most famous monologue, and he remained one of the pioneers of this art for ten years, until in 1945 he began working in cinema, and achieved great success.
Then the next stop was with his artistic twin and friend, the comic author Abu Al-Saud Al-Abyari, who nominated him to Badia Masabni, who joined him with her troupe, to deliver monologues in her cabaret, and he continued with this troupe for 10 years after he became the most famous artist in this field.
And in the cinema, his start was at the hands of Fouad Al-Jazairli in 1939 with the movie “Khalaf Al-Habayeb”, then he presented a large number of films between the tournament and the second role, and with the beginning of the fifties, he began the stage of absolute heroism, so it was the golden stage for him, and he presented films including “My mother-in-law is an atomic bomb, And daughters are drinks, and give me your mind, and it is permissible for you, and charming mothers-in-law, and women who do not know how to lie, and Miss Hanafi, ”and others.
“Abu Dahka Janan” also contributed to the formulation of the comedy theater, and he formed a troupe that bears his name, and it has been working for 12 years, through which he presented more than 50 plays.
After a journey of struggle that witnessed many successes, he died as a result of a severe heart attack in May 1972.

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