Absolute shock! Farne’s husband admitted the end. What about Ewa?

As a guitarist, he accompanied his wife in the band for years. In 2013, they started dating Ewa, got married four years later, and their son Arthur (2) was born. This period, when they spent practically twenty-four hours a day together, is over. “After a long decision, I came to the conclusion that at the end of the year I would end my work in the band,” stands in his message on the profile Make it.

Lawn has announced the end of his career! And Farna conquered New York

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“I feel like I’ve given the band what I could in those 12 years, and she gave me the most important thing – my family. Somewhere along the way, however, I lost the joy of touring and I consider it important to find it in myself again so that I can sincerely enjoy my presence on the stage again. Thank you very much for the opportunity to play in this band and for your favor, ” Martin explained what led him to such a step, according to Blesku.cz.

But the singer and the wife are not said to be mad at their husband, they respect that. “Thank you love, for wonderful years together on stage,” she added to the message.

Cars on the Embankment 2021: Interview with Ewa Farna

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