Absolonová about the condition of the son after the operation: Words full of fear!

“I don’t know how you started the new school year. All right, he was as excited as ever in kindergarten, but Matoušek didn’t quite succeed. He fell over the seat at home and has a broken arm. We are waiting for surgery. I trust the doctors at Thomayer Hospital that everything will turn out well, so I’m just a little scared, but I don’t want anything to hurt our baby. Please hold his fists. Thank you. And take care of yourself. Just a moment and that’s it! ”She wrote in early September Absolonová on Instagram at a time when her baby was before surgery.

Her loyal fans waited impatiently for more news about her son’s condition. After Monika shared new news from the hospital, she did not completely reassure many supporters. She herself admitted that her little son was still in danger. As?

Monika Absolonová on her birthday František Janeček

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“Good Wednesday! Thank you very much for your support and beautiful news. Matouš is fine and in excellent care. Thank you very much for that. In the end, fortunately, it wasn’t a big operation, but something they obviously do here every day. Mr. Associate Professor Pešl straightened Matoušek’s hand under anesthesia. Mata got the plaster and we will wait for it to grow. I believe that well. We’ll go home in a minute and it’ll start in full swing, even with my brother. So I’m kind of afraid of you not being here again in a while, “confided the famous singer according to kafe.cz.

Monika Absolonová – Tablet from the heart

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