About thirty decentralized activities and in small spaces


Ferrol will host its festivities from August 21 to 31, which this year will include about thirty activities to be carried out over 11 days decentralized and in small spaces, with concerts, open-air cinema and music in the streets.

This has been reported by the Councilor for Parties, Antonio Golpe, who has valued the work carried out by the Department of Culture and Holidays in recent months “taking into account all the coronavirus“, in a period of time “very unstable, not knowing if the parties could be held. “

As he has indicated, the idea of ​​the municipal government has been to hold the parties “in a decentralized manner and in small spaces”, in which they have reduced the spaces. Further, there will be access controls, which will be carried out by a security company, to control the capacity.

One of the reasons why the Ferrol City Council did not want to cancel the parties is the viability of companies in the sector “so they can keep their jobs”, this being an “economic and social” question.

A budget of 170,000 euros

In his speech, Golpe stressed that the estimated budget of the parties of 170,000 euros, more than half of it “has been destined for security”.

Uxía and María Manuela will be in charge of starting the festivities of the city with a concert which will take place day 21 in the Plaza de Armas. In addition, in parallel, in the Caranza Market, they will act They are from Camaguey, a group of nine virtuosos of Latin music who will perform great classics from the repertoire.

On Saturday 22 there will be a musical animation through the streets by Discalz @ s de Cedeira and it will continue with a performance by Mago Paco, in the Reina Sofía Park. In the evening, two simultaneous concerts will be held. Thus, in the Plaza de Armas will act Red House, one of the main blues bands on the peninsula, led by Francisco Simón; while in Caranza the Ferrol folk group will perform Legend Artabra.

Sunday 23 from the morning there will be music through the streets by Taquikardia Fanfare and, in the afternoon, the little ones will be the protagonists with Arbolé Theater, with his work Cachiporra puppets. At night, in the Plaza de Armas, he will perform Najla shami, with a fusion of Arabic and Galician music, with hints of jazz.

Monday 24 will be dedicated to the rondallas of Ferrol, being one of the traditional events of the festivities, while in the afternoon there will also be a clown show by the people of Ferrol Picompé.

On Tuesday 25, Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27, the Reina Sofía Park will host open-air children’s and family cinema, with the projection of the films Mine and the white lion, My neighbor totoro Y Mr. Hulot’s vacation, in a selection of films made by Cine Dúplex.

The night of Tuesday The concert of the duo of accordionists from Canido will also be held, Caamaño-Ameixeiras, which will be accompanied by Professor Joaquín Enríquez and Eurovision singer Lucía Pérez.

The night of Wednesday 26 there will be an evening dedicated to varieties, with the presence of the cabaret Bea García, the versions of rock classics by Hilda Rock and comedian Álvaro Lamasby Authentic Fakers. He Thursday 27 It is planned that one of the highlights of the festivities will be celebrated, with the visit of Sara Correia, one of the talents of contemporary fado.

He Friday 28 it will be the turn for the power pop yeyé de The Caamagno family and hours before it will be the turn ofhe clown Crunch, from the company Muu. Already the Saturday 29, the bagpipe band of Toxos e Froles will offer a parade at noon and in the afternoon it will be the turn to Mother goat, with his latest children’s show My grandfather’s fraga.

He Sunday 30 there will be musical entertainment on the street, pending confirmation and in the afternoon the play will be performed Cristóbal Purchinela of the Castilian-Leon company Alauda Teatro.

To end, Monday 31 there will be the representation of Oh Olympics! of Synchronized company, which has been awarded the Prize for the Best Street Show FETEN 2019 and, at night, there will be a Folk concert by Xabier Díaz and the Adufeiras de Salitre.

In addition, one of the ideas that at the moment It is pending confirmation is the celebration of an exclusive concert for the personnel who have carried out work considered essential during the confinement “in the form of gratitude for his work” and which would take place in the Plaza de Armas.

Municipal government is evaluating the options of Andrés Suárez and Pasión Vega. With regard to the Ferrol singer-songwriter, Antonio Golpe has acknowledged that there have already been conversations with him and “has shown his willingness to perform in Ferrol.

All activities will be free

All the events that have been confirmed for the Ferrol festivities will be free Y people who want to attend must first withdraw an invitation, although he has not been able to confirm how this process will be carried out.

On this issue, the mayor explained that the companies in charge of regulating access want make a control of the invitations “so that the events are not dull if the people who have the invitation at the end do not attend”.

In addition, he has not hidden his concern about the evolution of COVID-19 in the health area of ​​Ferrol. Thus, he has pointed out that, in case of any regrowth, a meeting of spokespersons of the City of Ferrol would be called urgently “because if you have to suspend
parties “, from the municipal government they want this decision to be taken” jointly

At the same time, Antonio Golpe has stated that in the current situation “You do not have to be afraid” when attending these events, but if “you have to be cautious.

The fires of San Ramón, in the air

Traditionally, Ferrol festivities close on August 31 with the San Ramón fires, although, at the moment, their celebration has not been decided. In this regard, Coup has pointed out that “it is not so easy to control people” during the celebration of the fires and has given as an example those of the Apostle in Santiago de Compostela, “with eight different locations and without notifying the people to avoid crowds “.

The party councilor has confirmed that “possibilities are being considered”, although, in his opinion, the “more sensible thing is not to do them”.

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