About the Omnibus Law on Job Creation, Ganjar Pranowo: The Good We Support, That Is Not Issued

TRIBUNNEWS.COMGovernor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo mention agreeing to the application of the Law (UU) Create Work.

Where as it is known the Omnibus Law Ciptaker (RUU) was officially ratified into law in a plenary meeting, on Monday (5/10/2020).

The ratification was also welcomed by employers, but on the contrary it was marked by rejection by workers and other elements of society, even students.

Ganjar Pranowo said Work Creation Act actually very good for the community, he said in his YouTube show.

At that time he was being interviewed by senior journalist Andy F. Noya.

“If then I disagree, what then do I disagree with?” said Ganjar when asked by Andy F Noya about this Work Creation Act.

Ganjar mentioned the matter of business licensing which would be appropriate Work Creation Act, it will be made easy.

Not only that, Ganjar also said Work Creation Act also has the potential to reduce the illegal practice of extortion (pungli).

“Agree or not, totally agree, don’t agree,” said Ganjar again.

Ganjar also mentioned points that were not approved by the community concerned Work Creation Act the.

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