‘About 7 million Dutch people call monthly via WhatsApp’ – Tablets and telephones – News

About seven million Dutch people call at least once a month via WhatsApp. This is the conclusion of analyst firm Telecompaper based on its own research. Almost half of them use WhatsApp’s calling or video calling feature every day.

The number of daily users of WhatsApp’s calling feature is three million, estimates Telecompaper. On average, users called 25 minutes a week via WhatsApp in the last months of 2020, compared to 21 minutes a year earlier, for the corona pandemic. The same pattern can be seen with other video calling apps.

According to the analyst bureau, so many Dutch people use WhatsApp for calling and video calling because of the penetration of the app. About 95 percent of smartphone users have WhatsApp on their phone. This goes across all age groups: among young people between 18 and 24 it is 96 percent, among 65+ it is 94 percent, according to Telecompaper.

The figures come from Telecompaper’s Dutch Apps Market report. This is based on the Consumer Insights panel, in which every six months around ten thousand respondents fill in data about the use of phones and apps. The data comes from before the change of WhatsApp terms and conditions, which means many people have signed up for alternatives such as Signal and Telegram. It is unknown whether that will have a measurable effect on WhatsApp usage.

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