ABC used Claudia Conway –

The youngster was noticed at an early age by her arguing parents. Her mother is Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, her father is anti-Trump attorney George Conway.

George and Kellyanne Conway are not a “terribly nice family”. Mother Kellyanne, founder of the market research company ?? The Polling Company ?? was an advisor to US President Donald Trump between July 2016 and August 2020. In December Trump appointed her to a board member of the United States Air Force Academy. Conway was also the woman who was called “Alternative Facts” on the US show “Meet the Press” introduced. Conway is married to lawyer George T. Conway III, who is a great critic of Donald Trump.

One of her four children, Claudia, has since become a TikTok star through her parents. The American journal ?? Variety ?? invited her to the American Idol castings. The writer takes a harsh judgment on the production: “A series whose long-standing mission was to turn ordinary people into celebrities is now trying to turn a celebrity into an ordinary person and borrow some of their ability along the way To spark conversations.

The 19th season started on Sunday on TV broadcaster ABC. Juror Katy Perry asks 16-year-old Claudia if she is okay. The candidate said no, but made a joke. ?? Maybe that’s all; perhaps Claudia is simply suffering from parental authority in all of its known forms. But there is something more sinister at work here, including Conway’s self-defense before the jury: “I just want to spread love, and I love a compromise. And I agree to disagree with my mom and dad. ?? “

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“Granted, it was all recorded last fall, before the biggest family disputes hit the internet earlier this year,” says author Daniel D ?? Addario. But the first thing that feels wrong about this thing is the extent to which a child, at the center of an argument that has been carried out into the open, is being asked to wash the reputation of two adults who should know better. ?? Her mother is then switched to this, who doesn’t give her particularly good advice: “You should be nervous honey, it’s a very humbling experience,” she begins, before declaring that “winners are people who are ready to.” to lose.”

The author of ?? Variety ?? wonder why the Conways try so hard to be nice to each other when the cameras are on. The denial of the conflict is becoming a new type of conflict – and using the power of the state media to clash with what we’ve read. In this case, it seems less an endorsement of Kellyanne Conway’s agenda than an advocacy of the concept of not inflating the story too early; if Claudia would continue, the producers could play the thread of their family saga for weeks or months ??, Daniel D ?? Addario is sure.

What ABC has done here is wrong and should generate deep thought on the part of producers and executives. I suspect, however, that this will only be the case if the ratings are not good, because then the young Claudia and her story of suffering will quickly become superfluous ??, warns the author.

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